Before You Call For Service

If your equipment is not operating or not performing properly Interstate Heating is always available to schedule your service call, however,  you may save the expense of a service call by checking a few things yourself before you call.

Troubleshooting for Furnace

  1. Gas Valve is in the “on” position.
  2. Check the air cleaner filter(s) for any accumulation of dirt.
  3. Check for sufficient airflow from registers.
  4. Be sure thermostat temperature is set higher than room temperature.
  5. Be sure circuit breaker is on and main power switch to furnace is on.
  6. During winter months, be sure your PVC pipe is not covered with snow.

Troubleshooting for Air Conditioner

  1. Remove vinyl winter cover if you are using one.
  2. Check the disconnect switch located outside near your air conditioning unit (gray box), turn handle to the “on” position.
  3. Switch circuit breaker in basement for air conditioner to ON.
  4. Turn thermostat to COOL.
  5. Furnace blower will come on inside.  Check if fan is running on outside condensing unit.
  6. If outside unit does not run, check if fuses are blown in fuse box located on outside of house, near air conditioning unit.  BUT BEFORE checking the fuses, be sure to turn all power off to the air conditioning unit.  Take fuses to a hardware store to have them checked if blown.
  7. Be sure thermostat is set below room temperature.

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